Arts And Gadgets is a bilingual online multi-interface "Light Media" that reveals how the creative world is shaping our future,launched in London and published by Institute of Creative Communications (ICC) since 2009. With ICC's avant-garde researches over new media, Arts, Design and creative culture connected to the public’s interest, Arts And Gadgets "cura-edits" its international coverage over the excellent happenings in the creative world that are relevant to the ever-changing creative lifestyles of the future-living audience. With considerations of " Creative Ecology", we only publish 4 most relevant articles ondaily basis which will be accessible from the homepage for just 24. The Arts And Gadgets vision is defined as: futuristic, highly creative, boundary-challenging, both intercultural and multi-cultural, sustainable and a bit of fun. We are dedicated to cover: New media art, contemporary art, theatre, film, music, information technology, photography and design (graphic, fashion, product, architecture, urban, interaction and etc.)



4 articles daily (Mon.-Fri.) *Contents will be accessible from homepage for 24 hours only. Follow our official Social Network Sites to access to the archived content.


Every Saturday, we publish a surprise collection of content, which might includes some brilliant comments from the ArtsandGadgets App or some latest follow-up report and even more.


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